You Are Doing Business Without A Logo?

logo-quoteYou are running a business without having a logo? It seems unprofessional even in listening but it is true that there are lots of businesses who don’t have their own business logos but they are running a business. Especially when we talk about our country Pakistan there are thousands of businesses who are even earning handsome revenue from their businesses but they don’t have their company logos. For a business student it looks unprofessional and unbelievable even in listening that a business without a logo! There are lots of benefits having a business logo design; here we are going to discuss some benefits.

Benefits of Having a Business Logo;

Logo Provides an Identity to Your Business:

A logo provides your business an identity and identity for your business is as necessary as you need an identity. If you have eye-catchy and well designed company logo your customer can identify your business from thousands of logos. For example if there are hundreds of logos on a page there will be only few who can attract your eyes similarly a well designed business logo provides you an identity which helps your customers to recognize you from thousands of logos.

It helps Your Clients to Remember You:

In our routine lives we see different logos and few are famous and few are unrecognizable for us. For example if we see yellow color M in a red box we can easily recognize it that it is McDonald’s logo. Similarly if your business logo is attractive and you are famous in market then people can easily recognize your logo and when they see your company logo they will remember about your brand name. So it is a kind of direct marketing which is most powerful marketing than any other kind of marketing.


It Helps You to Look Professional:

Without having a logo you can never say that you are professional; because business is all about branding and without branding your business is not a professional business. Therefore a business logo is necessary for you to look professional in market. If your business doesn’t look professional, other businesses never deal with you because you don’t have any professional identity.

It Will Represent Your Business in Your Absence:

Every business do advertising and marketing doesn’t matter in which method; when you advertise your business don’t just mention your business name or contact details you just mention your brand name and logo, sometimes just a logo and people recognize you. In Pakistan we see huge billboards in different cities having different ads from different brands and companies. Ever you see their contact details, or website addresses? They just mention their logo and brand name and people recognize them. Therefore a logo helps you to represent your business in market when you are not present there.


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