Improve Your eCommerce Site In 5 Simple Ways

Online stores are more relevant now than ever for selling and buying products. Each year, eCommerce sales are growing by leaps and bounds. However, many customers still prefer to shop at brick-and-mortar locations because they get exceptional level of customer services that many online shopping websites cannot compete with.

Shopping from eCommerce stores is ultimately very convenient; many customers want to experience the products first-hand in brick-and-mortar stores. Perhaps one advantage is that they can exchange faulty products, ask important questions, and interact with live humans.

Now a days, some big names in eCommerce industry are also offering the same level of customer service that brick-and-mortars do for the customers satisfaction.

Improve Your eCommerce Site In 5 Simple Ways

Given below are 5 simple ways to improve your eCommerce website:

1. Use of Social Media Platforms

According to a survey report, approx 88% online shopping stores have bad customer support and do not answer customer complaints/questions. Being an eCommerce store owner you should realize that how important it is to listen to your customers, especially on social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Many online store owners add lots and lots of products at website but they lack in providing support for them. Social media platforms are a way to interact with customers for answering their questions and complaints.

2. Create a Support Center

For an eCommerce store, a support center is an extremely useful tool. It enables customers to find answers to their questions. A support center should be extremely detailed, it can be categorized by topic and include a FAQ page to answer common questions.  A well maintained support center shows that you prioritize the concerns of your customers. It also saves your staff time as you’ll get less emails and phone calls.

3. Live Chat Feature

Many online stores have included live chat for the help of their customers.  You can place a live chat window tab anywhere on home page of website but it should be clearly visible.  If the customer has a question regarding any of your product or order processing, they can easily chat with a representative.  Live chat is not only convenient for customers but it also reduces interactions over phone calls and emails. At the same time, a representative can interact with multiple customers, saving money and time.

4. Detailed Product Info

Detailed product information is very essential for increasing online sales. As your website visitors will never be able to see, touch, and experience your products in real life when ordering, so you should create good online experience. Describe the products, include multiple images, material, provide dimensions, technical specifications, shipping charges, and return policy.

5. Website Layout

Make your website easy to navigate and more accessible for finding required products. Make sure that all your information provided is latest and correct. Display your phone hours and other contact information at the header of website for the help of customers.

The eCommerce industry is continuously growing; so the customer service has become a need. Above mentioned 5 simple recommendations will help generate more sales and more trust in your brand.

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