How Social Media Marketing is More Important than SEO

It is true that social media marketing is as important as search engine optimization because for SEO you need to do hundreds of things like hiring a SEO expert and paying him huge amount of money, spend on paid marketing and do so many other things to promote your brand and business which are off course expensive and costly. Here we are going to discuss some benefits of social media marketing (SMM) which differentiate it from all other marketing techniques and tactics.

It’s Easy:

It’s really very easy to make your business profiles on all social media sites like facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus, Pinterest, Instagram etc and start promoting your products and services. You don’t need to hire any professional marketer to handle your social media accounts. You can do it by yourself easily.

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Cost Effective:

You don’t need money to create your pages and business profiles on social media sites, it is absolutely free. You just need to use this free source of marketing and advertising in really positive way to get good business.  [..Custom logo design services..] All you need is to build contacts and increase your business relations more and more.

Competitive Intelligence:

Information spread like a fire on social media. What’s your competitor are doing your fans and customers will tell you in much more better way than anyone else. As your competitors are planning to launch something with more attractive features then yours, you can sense that easily and you can follow their marketing and advertising campaign including their SEO strategy. You can know about their discount deals on different products and in this way you can improve your rates according to market.


Create A Buzz:

You can easily create a buzz about your upcoming new products through social media. By adding some pictures about the product, by telling its functions, its benefits to your customers. You can make your market ready for your product before launching it.


Now research is easier because of social media networks. You can ask questions and suggestions to your audience about your products and services according your customers’ needs and desires. [..Custom logo design services..]

So don’t miss this really effective and huge source of marketing. You can get new customers and business from social media sites but there is more need to make your social media strategy effective, awesome and professional. Never use spam methods to increase your likes and followers on these sites. Always be natural and start interaction with your followers and friends. Ask them what they expect from you and which kinds of things they need.

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