Facebook Is Not Just a Social Media Site

We all know that social media sites’ usage in Pakistan is growing rapidly and there are billions of social media users in our country. 10.9% of the total population of Pakistan has excess to internet. According to Internet Service Providers Association of Pakistan (ISPAK) till October, 2014 there are 25 million internet users in our country and more than half users are mobile Internet users (15 million). There are 12.6 million active Facebook users per month, with more than 50% users in the 18-34 age brackets. That figure always attracts marketers who want to get access to these 12.6 million users to advertise and market different brands, products, services and businesses. This is the reason Facebook is not just a social media site now, it is more than that. Infect it is the most powerful, effective, wide and big medium of marketing. No doubt that different brands and businesses are getting good response on their fan pages which is very helpful for them to increase their sale and website traffic. So every business owner who wants to increase his sale, website traffic and brand awareness he should use this great source of marketing.

Why Every Business Should Advertise on Facebook?

Most Popular Social Media Site:

Usually every business has its existence on Facebook but they don’t use it as they should. Only cleaver and successful marketers know the importance of Facebook advertising. Facebook is the most popular social media website which means you can reach to millions of people on same time. It popularity motivate those business men who want to be successful in their field. Almost every internet user has its Facebook ID which brings more opportunities to advertise and market a business.


Great Medium of Marketing:

According to Statisa till 2nd quarter of 2014 monthly active Facebook users from worldwide have been reached to 1300 million. That figure is proving that Facebook is the great medium of marketing. Different use different source of advertising and marketing and they invest lot of money to get good response but mostly people neglect Facebook ads which is the best way to get better response.

It Allows You To Any Particular City or Country:

In Facebook advertising, it is not difficult to target the audience from a particular city, province, state or country. Facebook provide you great facility in this scenario your can easily mention those cities, areas and countries in which you want to advertise your business. When you will mention particular area in your ads management you will get response only from these areas.

It is Cheap Advertising Source:

There are lots of other paid methods of advertising and marketing, for example PPC is the Google’s paid source of advertising which is very costly but when we talk about Facebook ads and compare it with PPC it is almost free because it is very affordable even you can use it in low budget. So if you want to get good response from social media users, you should invest in Facebook advertising which is cheap and effective.

It Can Boost Your Business:

Millions of people are using Facebook paid advertising source to increase their sale and they are getting good results. If you have an online business and you are upset about your low sale, you need to invest on Facebook ads because this investment will bring new business opportunities which will boost your sale and website traffic. So don’t waste your time and money on other ineffective mediums of marketing, Facebook is the best choice to boost your business online.


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