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business card designYou want to increase your social circle and networking? I am not talking about your virtual world like Facebook, Twitter etc, we are more concerned about the real world like in a business meeting or in a business seminars where lots of business man and CEOs are gathered to increase their business connection and networks. Here the exchange of your business cards is the most important thing to do. Let’s just think that you are sitting in a very professional environment and you do not have business card in your pocket what would you going to do? Not just that lets suppose you do have business card and it is not presentable or not appropriate enough to give someone then what happened? For me it’s like a night mare I don’t even want to think about it.

So what should be there in your business card which makes it more presentable and makes it look more professional and serious? These important essentials are:
•    Your unique idea and design regarding your business card is very important. Your design should be really very impressive and catchy.

•    Color scheme are also quite important according to my opinion we should avoid dark colors because they maybe look catchy and attractive but giving them a professional look is quite difficult.

•    Avoid borders because it causes difficulties while printing and cutting.

•    Your card size should be appropriate which can be fit in your valet other vise it going to miss place somewhere.

visiting card design

•     Font size should be readable

•    Do not use jargon. Describe clearly about your profession and about your job level

•    Do not put so many contact numbers like 3 mobile numbers and 4 landline numbers. This makes your card totally confusing.

•    Be simple and professional

•    Do not be verbose

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