7 Tips For Web Designers About SEO

Web designing and Search Engine Optimization are the two main factors in today’s web-smart world. No one alone can win the race of higher ranking in the Search Engine Results. Creative web designers should learn about SEO, because with the right SEO they can do wonders for their website.


Given below are 7 tips every web designer needs to know about SEO:

1. Responsive Web Design

The key to designing a search engine friendly website is that it should be mobile responsive. Search engines prioritize user friendly websites. If your website looks good and loads well on mobile devices, it is an absolute winner of top rankings with good SEO. With the launch of Google’s mobile-responsive algorithm and the high trend of Smartphone usage, it is useless to design a website that doesn’t respond on mobile devices.

2. Keywords Optimized URL Structure

A logical and keywords optimized URL structure is essential for an SEO-friendly website. Search engines do not like ambiguous URLs. For example, if someone is looking for a fashion designer in Lahore, they would definitely prefer to click: www.domain.com/fashion-design–lahore

On the other hand, if your web-page URL is ambiguous like www.domain.com/id96538292, Search engine will never rate it as valuable.

3. Fast Load Speed

Now a days, visitors love to visit website that loads fast. If your website takes long time to load, you are not only going to lose potential visitors, you are also failing to acquire good search engine rankings. So, make sure that web page loads fast or be ready to lose your customers.

4. Code Cleaning

The code plays the main magic in a website that makes a lot of amazing things to happen. However, every web developer needs to keep in mind following two tips:

  1. Try to minimize the code, that’s the sign of a good developer.
  2. Avoid stuffing your web page. If there is unwanted stuff on a site, it becomes impossible for a visitor to find the right thing.

It becomes too difficult for the search engines if there is code stuffing on a web page.

5. Limited Use of Flash

Flash websites are rarely admired. Most of the search engines and mobile devices do not respond to flash websites in a positive manner. I’ll recommend avoiding flash completely in the design of an SEO friendly website. However, if necessary you can use flash on some portion of website but not completely.

6. Easy To Navigate

Easy navigate websites are loved by both the visitors and the search engines. Your website menus need to be functional and helpful. If your users get confused when navigating your website, they will close your page and move on to another website.

7. Use of CSS Image Sprites

Use of CSS image sprites is very effective in reducing the page load time and the stress on the server. An image sprite performs function to merge together different images into one large one that is quicker to download.

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