5 Ways To Market Your Website

In 2016, we have seen a rise in online businesses in Pakistan. For success in online business, having a website is just not enough. Many business owners lack in marketing their business over the internet.

Here at Chrome Brains, we’ve compiled a list of the 5 most effective ways for marketing your website, all of which lead to drive successful sales, improve your brand identity recognition and build your online presence.

5 Ways To Market Your Website

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization involves work on-page and off-page for improving search engine ranking against targeted keywords. Daily work practice includes building internal and backlinks, using relevant keywords, uploading unique content and generating a sitemap for Google crawler. [..Custom logo design services..] Google Webmaster Tools and Analytics are used to monitor traffic and keywords ranking.

Best practice is to make a schedule for social posts, uploading web content, blogging, assessing your website analytics, and any other tasks. SEO is not a one day job, If you want to achieve the best Return On Investment (ROI) you’ll need to remain consistent with your efforts.

Start Blogging

A regularly updated blog can do wonders for your search rankings, as you’ve the opportunity to include desired keywords in blog content, while increasing the back-links to your website. An active blog conveys your professionalism to customers, while informative and interesting content will give them a reason to visit your website.

Make Your Website Mobile Responsive

Statistics from February 2016 showed that nearly 72% of the web users connect through a mobile device, so it has become a need that your website works properly on a smartphone or tablet. Numbers of smartphones or tablets users are growing rapidly, so a mobile-responsive website ensures you aren’t missing your potential audience. Also, according to Google’s latest update, mobile-responsive websites are given better rankings.

Video Marketing

Videos are becoming very popular method and effective way for marketing of products, services and websites. Videos are majorly watched by users browsing on smartphones, where reading large paragraphs is annoying or time-consuming. YouTube is the most popular videos search engine, use it for sharing interesting video content and give your customers something interesting and exciting to watch. Another advantage of YouTube videos is they do get listed on Google results page. [..Custom logo design services..]

Social Media Marketing

According to a survey of 2015, over 59% of internet users Facebook, 30% use LinkedIn, 25% use Twitter and 16% use Instagaram. Social media platform is an effective way to promote your business and bring huge traffic to your website. At social media platforms, you’ll be able to interact directly with potential customers, by responding to queries, sharing content, retweeting, and so on.

Social media companies like Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube offer paid advertising as well. Paid advertisements give you chance to interact with potential clients. Whichever social media platform you select, you’ll be able to control complete campaign, from pay per view to pay per click, age group of targeted clients and proffered areas. You can set daily, monthly and annual budgets for reaching potential customers.

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